A2/A2 Bulls From Cattle Services

Cattle Services are currently testing bulls to see which carry the desirable homozygous A2/A2 gene to ensure we can supply the genetics for those breeders producing milk for this specialised and growing section of the milk market. So far we have been able to identify several bulls which have tested to be homozygous A2/A2 and will transfer this to their progeny.

Haresfoot Enigma Pamela EX 93 - Dam of Haresfoot Panache

Daughter of Castern Thunder - Stamford Miss Norma 76

HARESFOOT PANACHE and CASTERN THUNDER are two exciting young sires in our Young Sire Proving Scheme with very impressive young stock who we now know carry the A2/A2 gene. Other sires include CUTHILL TOWERS MAPLE GLORY,  CUTHILL TOWERS PRINCE FREDDIE and BANKEND LEGACY, all who have semen available for sale.

The two main types of milk protein are the casein and the whey proteins. These make up 80% and 20% of the protein content of cows’ milk respectively.

Beta-casein makes up about one third of the total protein in milk. All cows make beta-casein but it is the type of beta-casein that matters. There are two types of beta-casein: A1 and A2. They differ by only one amino acid. Such a small difference can have a big impact on people who are A1 protein intolerant.

Some people have a perceived intolerance to standard milk resulting in a growing demand for A2 milk which is being promoted as the “healthy” option and is gaining favour in several countries, with Australia leading the way in promotion and consumption, with some 30% of milk sold there being A2 milk.

We are delighted to add to the list of available A2:A2 bulls, two young sires from our Young Bull Proving Scheme, CALDERVALE REALISATION and ROSEHILL VITALITY.